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Base Visit to Hyde Park Barracks

ASR Josh Fortune with supporters during a Base Visit at Hyde Park Barracks. © SASRA

ASR Josh Fortune with supporters during a Base Visit. © SASRA

Base Visits are unique opportunities, which enable local pastors to catch an inside glimpse of the work of SASRA Scripture Readers. They also allow soldiers on base to be made aware of their local churches. 

Last month, ASR Josh Fortune hosted a Base Visit at Hyde Park Barracks. Regional Manager South David Malam shares his experience:

‘On a beautiful May morning, a small group of supporters and potential supporters gathered at the gates of Hyde Park Barracks – one of the most interesting and historically rich active military establishments in London. We were met at the gate by ASR Josh Fortune and brought through. As it is the ceremonial season, the barracks is a hive of activity and follows on from quite possibly the busiest period in living memory with our late Queen’s Jubilee, her funeral and the Coronation of King Charles III. We enjoyed a tour of the base, where we visited the stables, the tailors, the mess and a small room hidden away in the basement, where a number of notable and invaluable treasures are kept. These included the priceless silver drums which were much in evidence at The King’s Coronation.

Priceless silver drums at Hyde Park Barracks. © SASRA

Priceless silver drums at Hyde Park Barracks. © SASRA

‘It was such an encouragement to see how well known and liked Josh is by the many troops we met en route and the support of the meetings he is able to run – individual Bible Studies and group meetings too. There was also a reminder that this is a tough place to be – the ceremonial demands are exacting and many are under acute pressure and with great personal needs. There are many individual stories to tell, but one in particular evidenced the privilege of the opportunity we have and the need for prayer for the Lord’s healing and intervention in so many young lives. One young man is now meeting Josh regularly who was personally involved in an upsetting and traumatic incident on site. His was not the only story so please continue to uphold Josh in prayer.’

As well as being an encouraging and enlightening experience for the visiting group, the visit was also an encouragement to Josh.

“It was very enjoyable to have some local pastors come along to see the base. It was very amusing to show an American pastor the priceless drums on base, which were cast from looted silver from the White House! The most encouraging thing was to be able to give them a glimpse at Army life, as well as the positives and negatives that Scripture Readers face in their work. Having a human connection will hopefully create a stronger bond by prayer too!”

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