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The Soldiers' & Airmen's Scripture Readers Association

New event for those considering joining the British Military

1 Rifles during an exercise

Considering a career in the military as a Christian? Want help to grow stronger as a Christian while in the Armed Forces?

Go on Xercise with SASRA, and discover how to build your spiritual strength in a challenging environment.

Joining the Armed Forces has a tough beginning. The military system aims to turn these new recruits into highly-trained personnel who are able to tackle any situation with which they are presented. Basic training is not easy, strong friendships are forged and the urge to fit in is strong too – for a young Christian this environment can be a challenge to their faith.

Xercise will launch this Spring as an in-person, residential event for those from a Christian background who are considering joining the British Military. Our Scripture Readers are military veterans who live their lives at the intersection between Christian and military life, and are ideally placed to mentor and encourage you as you look to your future military career.

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Xercise 2023 assault course. © SASRA

Explore Military Service on Xercise

Xercise is a new SASRA event, where Christian young people considering a military career can discover what it’s like to serve in the forces as followers of Jesus.

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