The Soldiers’ and Aviators’ Scripture Readers Association

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The Soldiers' & Airmen's Scripture Readers Association

SASRA Representatives

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If you have established relationships with local churches and have a heart for the serving personnel of the British Armed Forces, then you might think about becoming a SASRA Representative.

Representatives share SASRA news and do short presentations on the work. If you think you might like to be formally associated with SASRA and our gospel work with the British military, please get in touch.

SASRA Representatives are issued a Representative pack with some materials and registered for our Representative Newsletters giving them insights into our work. Our Representatives also receive equipment and training, and invitations to all general and dedicated SASRA events, which can include being hosted as guests by Army or Airforce Scripture Readers on bases or stations around the UK.

An Advocate's experience

Peter Wallis (SASRA Advocate in Mirfield, West Yorkshire), had a career in the chemical industry, with no personal experience of the military apart from that of a cadet prior to university.

His introduction to the ministry of SASRA was through his daughters. The eldest daughter, being encouraged to tithe, wanted to support a UK-based work and so chose SASRA. Later their youngest daughter joined the RAMC after her graduation and so provided a personal account of service, and the need for a gospel presence.

When Peter retired in 1998, the local representative for SASRA in Humberside asked Peter if he would care to help him represent SASRA in the area. He did so until moving from the area into Mirfield in 2007; promoting SASRA among the local churches, supplying supporters with mailings and passing onto the Area Representative any gifts and donations.

Settling into life at Mirfield, Peter was soon able to talk about SASRA and to distribute SASRA literature to fellow residents. From this, SASRA was soon being spoken of as a gospel agency to pray for in the monthly fellowship meetings, with alternate yearly visits from the Area Representative providing images and news.

Looking back on 10 years as an Advocate for SASRA, Peter never ceases to be surprised by the change in folk when he speaks of SASRA; from ignorance of the work to amazement that such a work exists.

If you would like to enquire about becoming a SASRA Advocate to ensure your church knows about and supports our gospel work with the British Armed Forces, please get in touch.

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