11Days of Remembrance

As our nation stops to remember those we have lost, please also think of those that serve today, and how you might help us ensure they hear the gospel.


Personnel standing at attention at Remebrance service

Over the season of Remembrance, as the nation once again turns its attention towards the military community, we’re looking to mobilise SASRA supporters between 1 and 11 November to help us raise awareness and funds.

To double the number of Scripture Readers, we will need to double the number of SASRA supporters. As a passionate supporter of our work, could you share that passion with a friend or family member who may not have heard of us before?

Could you...

stories of remembrance

Inspiring accounts of military personnel
both past and current. 

Remembrance Video 2023

Video available for use in Remembrance Sunday church services.

Last post and silence video

Version with two minutes’ silence

last post and silence video

Version with one minute’s silence

Army ration food pouches
Genuine British Army Ration Meal Pouches
SASRA mug light blue, SASRA logo on front

Set up your own fundraiser through JUSTGIVING

Make a one-off gift to support the SASRA 11Days appeal

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