The Soldiers’ and Aviators’ Scripture Readers Association

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The Soldiers' & Airmen's Scripture Readers Association


We seek support in three areas:

Prayer. Prayer for our Scripture Readers and our ministry. You can sign up to receive our prayer materials here.

Finance. You can support our work through donations, monthly standing orders and even collection drums. Our donation page explains how.

Volunteering. We have Advocates across the UK representing SASRA in their local church running prayer groups, sharing our materials and showing our latest video content. If you could offer a little of your time for SASRA, please visit our Volunteering page.

We work with RN personnel when we can, usually in tri-service environments, but there are other missions which already work to bring the gospel to the Royal Navy and they work very differently, facing unique challenges associated with mission workers being allowed aboard operational naval vessels.

SASRA enjoys a unique opportunity; to share the gospel within the gated communities where the Army and the RAF are based and to accompany them on exercise and when they are on duty. We are authorised by the MOD and operate with the permission of the garrison command and the chaplaincy. We have access and opportunity where the local church does not. In this capacity, SASRA is the “mission arm” of the local church, offering the gospel to our soldiers and Air Force personnel on behalf of the church.

Scripture Readers are committed Christians who served in the Armed Forces and care deeply for the spiritual needs and wellbeing of our service personnel and their families, and have been called into gospel ministry. They have undergone a significant period of training and assessment before being deployed to their duty stations.
SASRA’s structure has changed during the pandemic. Large numbers of visits in person to churches has become difficult, so greater emphasis has been placed on producing content for them. SASRA Advocates and Representatives are also crucial to representing SASRA in their churches. Yet ASR deployments will continue, based on the changing shape of the Army and RAF, and where opportunity is best realised, to spread the gospel.

SASRA HQ, your Regional Manager or SASRA Representative/Advocate (local volunteers)
can arrange in-person (COVID-permitting) or recorded video deputations for your church.

Please get in touch if you’d like to have someone from SASRA talk to
your church about our gospel work with the British Armed Forces. Alternatively, our latest
videos can be seen here.

You can support SASRA by registering online or by calling our HQ team. If you would like to receive our materials and take an interest in our work, please visit our signup page or contact HQ at or 03000 301 302.

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