The Soldiers’ and Aviators’ Scripture Readers Association

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The Soldiers' & Airmen's Scripture Readers Association

The British Army

SASRA can trace the origin of its ministry to the British Army back to 1818.

Sgt Rudd, a Non-Commissioned Officer in the Royal Artillery offered the scriptures, biblical literature and his personal witness to his colleagues. His efforts founded the Soldiers’ Friend Society, turning into the Army Scripture Readers’ Society and merging with the Soldiers’ and Airmen’s Christian Society in 1938. This ministry was sustained with active ASRs deployed forward to support our soldiers in both World Wars, and in peacetime, across the world in various garrison locations.

Currently, SASRA has Army Scripture Readers deployed in army bases across the UK. All ASRs have previous military experience and are passionate about sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with the soldiers they work alongside. Throughout the careers of our soldiers, ASRs will offer testimony, exhortation, fellowship and encouragement, whether their soldiers be in basic training, their everyday workplace, on exercise, or in pre-deployment training for overseas tours.

Have you served in the Armed Forces and think you may have the calling to become an Army Scripture Reader with SASRA?

If you are able to uphold our Army Scripture Readers in prayer, provide financial support for their work alongside British soldiers, or volunteer to advocate for the work of SASRA with your church, please visit these pages:

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