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Easter Reflection at the Jackson Club

Mike leading soldiers in prayer during the ‘Interactive Worship Experience’ Easter event at the Jackson Club. © SASRA

Mike leading soldiers in prayer during the ‘Interactive Worship Experience’ Easter event at the Jackson Club. © SASRA

As Easter approached, Scripture Reader Mike Blackstock made plans to host an Easter evening event for soldiers at the Jackson Club, to share with them the gospel and the hope that the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ brings.

In the planning, Mike was praying that soldiers would come (on time!) and that all the technicalities would work out. The evening was a great success! Between fifteen and twenty soldiers attended. One of the staff members at the Jackson Club kindly made curry, and some soldiers brought KFC, so the group were able to enjoy a meal together before going into the service.

The service itself was planned as an interactive event. Three tables had been set up beforehand, each one holding an object from the account of crucifixion of Christ: the crown of thorns, the nails, and the whip.

Each table also had the relating Bible verses with historical context and information for the objects. At the end of the tables a wooden cross had been set up. Beside the cross, there were provided slips of paper upon which the attendees were encouraged to write down any sins or burdens they were carrying and then nail it to the cross.

After partaking in the journey through each of the tables, Mike played a short video comprised mainly of clips from The Passion of the Christ.

Attendees wrote down any sins or burdens they were carrying on slips of paper and nailed it to the cross. © SASRA

Mike was then able to give a fifteen-minute devotion to all who came on the gospel. After praying, some of the Fijian soldiers who attended led some worship for the group, then to finish the evening they had fellowship over tea and coffee.

Mike has spoken to several of the soldiers who attended who said they enjoyed the evening and found value in the content of the event. Please continue to pray that the events like these that Mike can run would produce much fruit in the future.


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