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Goodbye SASRA, Hello Lewis

ASR Roddy Macleod

In September, Roddy Macleod bid SASRA farewell after seventeen years as a Scripture Reader.

Roddy started work as a Scripture Reader with SASRA in May 2006 with a strong sense of calling. That sense of calling turned out to be crucial as the months and years went by.

Roddy’s first posting was to Pirbright Training Centre in Surrey, where he followed on from Nick Wilson and before him, Jim Downie. He recalls:

The opportunities there were incredible! It was compulsory for all recruits to attend Church Parades four times during their training, and so we would have up to four hundred in attendance. On the recruits’ first week introduction, I would have five minutes to tell them who I was and what I did. As they exited the classroom at the end of the session, I would give them each a New Testament and a copy of my testimony tract. After six years of service with SASRA, I had given out around 24,000 copies of my testimony and the same in New Testaments.

Roddy was honoured to be able to visit wounded soldiers that came to the rehabilitation centre at Headley Court. It was at the time when the war in Afghanistan was raging, with horrendous injuries, but their resolve to make the most of their circumstances was an inspiration to him.

Roddy speaking at a church

Roddy visited hundreds of churches throughout his service with SASRA, where he shared about the importance of the mission. © SASRA

After nine years of incredible opportunities at Pirbright, Roddy and his family moved to Fort George and Kinloss Barracks, Inverness. Here, the dynamic was different, presenting him with different opportunities. Roddy spent much of his time circulating around the troops in their work areas, rest areas and the cookhouse.

Roddy at the Edinburgh Tattoo rehearsals.

Roddy joined the outreach team at the Edinburgh Tattoo rehearsals many times, where he sparked up gospel conversations with participants. © SASRA

After nearly eighteen years of ministering to troops, Roddy is moving to the Isle of Lewis to work for the Hebrides Alpha Project, a Christian residential set up for people with addictions. We are extremely grateful for Roddy’s service and wish him and the whole family the Lord’s blessing in this new chapter of their lives.

Our time in SASRA has been a true blessing, where we have made many friends. The prayers of God’s people are the fuel for the work we do. I have been amazed many times at the provision of God through our faithful, prayerful and generous supporters. As a family we have lacked nothing, and we have had more than we have needed each week that has gone by for the past almost eighteen years. I believe fully that SASRA is still in existence because of these prayers. As we move on to another calling, that has come just as strongly, we thank you all for the many blessings we have enjoyed and prayers answered. May God bless you all and remember that SASRA goes on sharing the good news with many soldiers.

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Scripture Reader praying

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