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The Soldiers' & Airmen's Scripture Readers Association

Our Day 2020 Cancelled

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Dear SASRA Family,

We have been considering carefully and prayerfully how to approach Our Day this year, and with regret have decided it must be cancelled.

We could not in good conscience ask many of our most loyal and elderly supporters to risk long journeys and close proximity during such unusual times, and could not be certain that our chosen venue and catering supplier would remain able to accommodate us.

We looked at possible alternatives, including a virtual Our Day, but with the team working hard on both eNewsletters and eDeputations we simply don’t have the staff to cope with preparing and running an online event. However, we would like to encourage you to see if your fellowship would be willing to have an eDeputation – this will allow a much larger number of people to see and hear about the work of the Association than would be possible through a physical Our Day. For more information about our eDeputations please call HQ on 03000 301 302 or email us at

We have made this difficult decision, but are hopeful that many of our supporters that would normally have enjoyed to see us and each other will still generously support us both financially and in prayer, even though we cannot share fellowship together as we normally would.

Please accept our apologies and forgive us the imposition as we look to strike the right balance between faithfulness, a desire to worship and honour the Lord together, and our duty of care for our supporters and workers.

You will be able to select video or audio files of a bugler playing The Last Post and Rouse with a period of silence in between, a thought provoking video called ‘To End All Wars’ with additional contributions from our Scripture Readers, and individual videos from two Scripture Readers. For those looking for ideas for service content there are suggestions for prayers, sermon illustrations, and poems.

For more information or to receive the resources please email

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