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The Soldiers' & Airmen's Scripture Readers Association

Responding to Ukraine

The deployment of British Forces to Eastern Europe and the preparation of others into a state of readiness to deploy provides SASRA Scripture Readers with an opportunity to speak into the lives of these troops as they prepare for an uncertain future.
Soldiers are experiencing a mixture of emotions: anxiety, anticipation, perplexity and fear.
Soldiers from Legion Troop

Guys are apprehensive of what will happen, there is definitely dread over what situation we will end up in.

A deployment protecting the innocent would bring a new sense of purpose that a generation of soldiers feel they are desperately lacking.

I am concerned at the danger it will bring and the loss of life it will inevitably bring.

Soldiers on camp are fearful of the situation in Eastern Europe. As the seed is sown from week to week, often the basic gospel shared and understood, ask the Lord to open hearts and save souls.

I was able to share the gospel with a soldier who confessed his life was a mess and that he was searching for God.

Many British soldiers and airmen and women are currently facing the possibility of deployment.
At such a time as this a number of these young people do ask those big questions about life and death and ask our Scripture Readers for prayer.

Pray with us

Please do pray that our Scripture Readers will be given great wisdom and great opportunities and that the Lord will use these present troubled times to draw many to Himself.
Scripture Reader praying with troops

Pray using our prayer points

Paratroopers board RAF Chinook helicopter

The mission of SASRA

Our mission is to share the good news of Jesus with members of HM forces and their families, that they might follow Him.

Ultimately, this mission is the Lord’s work. In the words of Solomon, “Unless the LORD builds the house, those who build it labour in vain.” Psalm  127:1 (ESV)

The mission of SASRA needs prayer. We can show people Christ, but the seed that we sow needs much nurturing.

What can we do?

As our troops prepare to ‘be ready’, we stand alongside to give them a reason for our certain hope in Christ.

Our Scripture Readers have opportunities to share the gospel with young men and women, often from unchurched backgrounds, who may be called upon to face danger on behalf of the nation. The soldiers and aviators need the spiritual resources to cope with the danger and responsibilities of their duties, and the wonderful hope of the gospel of Jesus Christ whatever they are facing.

If you are able to uphold our Scripture Readers in prayer, provide financial support for their work alongside British soldiers, or volunteer to advocate for the work of SASRA with your church, please visit these pages:

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