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Farewell to ASR Lee McDade

ASR Lee McDade with a soldier

Lee McDade finished as a Scripture Reader with SASRA at the end of September to start full-time ministry at Colchester Baptist Church. Lee’s final posting as a Scripture Reader was at Colchester Garrison. Before that, he served at Infantry Training Centre (ITC) Catterick, where his many years of service were recognised when Lee was awarded the Chief of General Staff Commendation last year. We are immensely grateful to Lee for the fourteen years of service he has given the Association and for the steadfast support his wife Amanda has been to him. It’s hard to see them go, but we wish them continued blessing and grace as together they serve the Lord in this new calling.

I have been asked to reflect on the last fourteen years working with SASRA in a few sentences or maybe a paragraph but that is so difficult to do, in the words of Gandalf from Lord of the Rings, ‘I feel like I have lived several lifetimes of men’. So much has happened over the last fourteen years that it’s almost impossible to highlight any one aspect of the ministry.

So I’ll stick to saying thank you.

Firstly, thank you to Christ for saving me. Jesus is my Rock and my salvation. He’s the whole reason I do what I do; how dare I not share the Gospel.

Secondly, I thank my family who moved at a difficult time to Germany with me in 2008 with no moans or whinging, what an amazing family I have. It was not easy and I’m so blessed to have an amazingly supportive wife, Amanda.

I thank SASRA for allowing me to once again serve with the military and trusting me with the mission that we have as an association to share Jesus Christ with our military and anyone attached.

I shared my first Gospel message with a soldier on the gate in Tidworth. It was such a relief to share the hope of Jesus Christ with this one soldier, I could have been satisfied with just that one, but the Lord has allowed me to speak to thousands of service personnel over the last fourteen years which has been an immense task. I give God all the glory!

I thank the Chaplaincy for also trusting me and allowing me to be in the various camps, especially the Military Corrective Training Centre (MCTC). And I thank you, the supporters, for your giving and especially for your most-needed prayers.

The last fourteen years has been an incredible journey with mountain top expanses and low valleys. It has been a privilege to serve those who serve, especially in a time of war and conflict. There are names etched into memorial stones that I will forever remember.

I now start a new mission in Colchester, serving with Colchester Baptist Church and a charity called Open Door Colchester. I’m ready again to share the Gospel with those who are in desperate need; our neighbours, those on the streets, nurses, teachers, dustmen, the vulnerable, the rich and the poor, high earning businesspeople and low-income families – whoever comes across my path will hopefully meet a man who is always ready to have a word in season for the weary souls.

To finish, I earnestly ask you to pray, especially for our Readers who are on the frontline where the battle is as fierce as it can be. They need your prayers and support, and if you can spare a prayer for Lee McDade, I’d appreciate that as well.

God bless my friends. Keep on keeping on.


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