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Refreshed, refocused, encouraged: Scripture Reader completes his studies

ASR Steven Dougherty at the Keswick Convention 2023. © SASRA

Steven Dougherty recently completed a year of theological training at The Cornhill Training Course in London. He shared that the course was, ‘thoroughly enjoyable and helpful’. 


Over the year, the students went through many books of the Bible, including Mark, Joel, Philippians and Judges, as well as foundational doctrines and an overview of the Bible.


An average day would typically consist of a devotion from the book of Timothy to start the morning immediately followed by the main lecture of the day. The afternoons included going through the book of Colossians a couple of verses at a time, students taking it in turns to speak on those few verses in front of their peer group and a lecturer. From that, there would be high quality feedback and critique, from both students and lecturers. There were also practical sessions on topics such as youth and children ministries, leading Bible studies, church planting and what a prayerful ministry looks like.  


Steven shared that during his time at Cornhill, he was challenged, refreshed, refocused and encouraged. Steve is greatly looking forward to putting what he has learnt into practical use as he looks to work with the men and women of the Armed Forces.

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